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Image by Giulia May

STAVE ENCRYPT for a Happier World

Working Towards a Brighter Future

We believe that Arts and Culture can positively impact everyone by inspiring people to have a more colourful view of the world, brightening their everyday life, and minimising the harnesses. You see and react to the world with a different eye when your soul is in harmony and peace.  


Our Roots

We are a group of arts and culture lovers. We have been actively involved in the music industry for more than 20 years by supporting the organisation of concerts in Cyprus, Greece and other European countries.  

We support young musicians to record their music and songs and create their demos at affordable prices. 

We use arts in our workshops and training with vulnerable groups as we have experienced the healing powers of arts in the body and mind.  


Meaningful Work


We use various expressions of art and creativity, such as music, visual art, dance, and others, to empower disadvantaged and marginalised groups to enable their active engagement in all aspects of life and facilitate their inclusion in the local communities.



We support professionals in the Creative and Cultural Sector to develop and increase skills, such as digital and entrepreneurial to face the results of the COVID-19 crisis and keep up with the sector's digitalisation.


European projects

We wish to cooperate on European projects, network and exchange knowledge an expertise with like-minded European professionals. Our staff and members have vast collective expertise in EU project development and implementation, culture and social entrepreneurship, and various creative fields, such as music, design, light engineering, fine art, dance and others. The team members also have significant experience working with disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and refugees, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, young people with learning difficulties and others. 

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